What You need to Know About High Quality Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

What You need to Know About High Quality Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

A mobile concrete mixing plant (мобильный бетонный завод) is reliable and cost-effective construction equipment that is used to mix all the ingredients used

to make concrete. It allows users to produce concrete, conveniently at any location where it is needed. They are best suited for stationary or temporary construction projects.

The mobile concrete mixing plant is easy to set up and can be transported easily to the site where it is required. It is made up of several parts that make it effective when implementing its functions. This article will provide all the information about high-quality mobile concrete mixing plant (высококачественная мобильная бетонная установка) that every contractor needs to know.

YHZS50 мобильные бетоносмесительные установки
YHZS50 мобильные бетоносмесительные установки

Parts of a Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

A typical high-quality mobile concrete mixing plant is pulled by a wheel tractor. It contains a silo for storing cement, aggregate conveyors, aggregate bin and water batcher. It also consists of a concrete pump for throwing concrete where it is required after it has been prepared.

-Concrete Pump

This is a machine that is used to transfer liquid concrete using a pump. There are two varieties of concrete pumps that are available in the market. The first type is attached to a semi-truck or trucks. It is controlled by a remote and is used in large construction projects.

The other type of pump is mounted on a trailer (бетононасос прицепной) or truck. It is also known as the line pump. They pump low volumes of concrete compared to the other model. That is why this pump is only used for minor construction projects.

-Aggregate Bins

The bins may not be mobile based on their weight and size. They can hold 150 tons of aggregates and sand. They are divided into several compartments which allows sorting of various sizes of aggregates before they are fed into the mixing plant. It is loaded by one or several conveyors that have hoppers. The conveyors are also known as stackers because they move from side to another feeding several compartments at a time.

передвижной бетонный завод YHZS35
передвижной бетонный завод YHZS35

Aggregate Batcher is the one that measures the weight of sand that is going to be fed to the mixing plant (смесительная установка). It is supported by the load cells and is medium in size.

The cement batcher plays that same role as the aggregate batcher only that it weighs cement instead of sand. Some models have water batchers that are used to measure the amount of water fed to the mixer while other do not have these batchers. They hold enough water to be used in a single concrete batch.


A mobile concrete mixing plant offers many advantages compared to the conventional mixing plant. It is flexible as users only need to move it to the place where concrete is required. It is reliable because it prepares concrete, instantly when it is required and also saves a lot of money that could be used when hiring workers to mix the concrete manually. There various supplier online who are offering high-quality mobile concrete mixing plant. If you need to purchase such a plant, kindly check the various reviews online to establish a reputable construction equipment dealer. Click this link to know more information: http://aimixgroup.ru/mobilnyj-betonnyj-zavod/.

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