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How To Find A Rice Hull Carbonizer in the Philippines

How To Find A Rice Hull Carbonizer in the Philippines

Rice husks are plentiful and they are the perfect waste material to turn into charcoal. You can buy rice husks for a low price and turn them into charcoal when you use this machine and it is very easy and economical to use. When you are looking for a rice hull carbonizer for sale you are going to want to compare prices so you can get the best machine for the money.

Rice husk carbonizer
Beston Rice Husk Carbonizer for Sale

You can save money when you take the time to compare prices and be sure to take the shipping charges into account because they can add a lot of extra money onto the cost of the machine. The rice hull carbonizing furnace for sale is made out of durable materials and it is going to last for a long time without needing a lot of maintenance.

One of the great things about the machine is that it takes material that would just be going to waste and turns it into something that you can use for a variety of different purposes. The machine is going to turn the rice husks into charcoal and you can use the charcoal in a variety of different ways. Also, the wood is available. Seeing charcoal made by wood charcoal machine for sale.

Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

The charcoal is high-quality and it is easy to use in many different machines. When you convert the rice hulls into charcoal you get to save money and you get to help the environment because the rice hulls are not being thrown in the trash. There are a few different models of the machines that you can choose from and you will want to choose the machine that is going to work best with your needs. Look for a machine that has the capacity you need. In the Philippines, there are a lot a coconut shell. Accordingly, many people choose this machine to make coconut shell charcoal:

The price is going to go up as the capacity gets bigger. You need to know how much charcoal you are going to want to produce before you start shopping for the machines. Once you know what you want to produce you can order the machine you need. The machines can also be customized and this will ensure that you get exactly what you want. When you have a biochar pyrolysis equipment customized you know you are getting something that is going to absolutely work for your needs.

The machine takes the rice hulls and it heats them up to a very high temperature where they turn into carbon. The machine will then process the carbon and turn it into charcoal that can be used to run industrial machinery. The machine is very efficient and it doesn’t produce harmful emissions. The system is tuned well and it won’t emit gas or even much heat.

The design of the machine is unique and when you are looking for a rice hull carbonizer for sale you are going to want to learn all about the different features of the machine so you are ready to start putting it into action as soon as you get it. The machine is loaded with safety features and it is going to perform well and help you make lots of charcoal.

Why Is An Egg Tray Packing System Important?

Why Is An Egg Tray Packing System Important?

The owner of chicken farms that are relatively small often places their eggs into egg cartons manually. They will have a team of workers that will be able to take the sorted eggs, placing them into the proper containers. The egg trays will be specifically made for the different sizes of eggs that will be produced by the chickens on a daily basis. However, as the company continues to grow, you may end up needing too many workers, prompting the need to move into some form of automation. There are machines called egg tray packing systems, ones that can pack the trays and even fill eggs automatically. It is a section of the production line for egg trays. You can invest in these, and this will increase your productivity levels, allowing you to use each and every egg effortlessly. Here Beston (China) Group will discuss how they work, and where you can get ones that are considered to be some of the best in the world.

Egg Tray Making Machines to Syria
Egg Tray Making Machines to Syria

How Do These Egg Tray Packing Systems Work?

An egg tray packing system is divided up into a couple of different components. This section often goes after the drying system. First of all, it contains a hot press machine, which can reshape the egg trays and make the trays smooth. A hot press machine is often used with egg carton machine, apple tray machine, shoe tray machine. If you want to save more space during transportation, you can also have a packer, which can pack the trays compactly.  If you have a large scale egg tray making machine, you’d better choose a complete packing system, which can count the number and pack them up automatically. Some manufacturers also have a sorting system for eggs and even fill the eggs into trays. Beston Machinery has a wide range of egg tray machines for sale, which can also supply you an entire packing system according to your requirements.

Egg Tray Machine for Sale
Egg Tray Machine for Sale

Are The Easy To Set Up?

These machines are somewhat self-contained. They are also very large. For example, some of the larger ones will set down multiple trays at one time, onto conveyor belts, and do so every 5 or 10 seconds. The machine will begin to fill the cartons with eggs that have been divided up per their size. Once they come out on the other side, a secondary carton is placed over the top to protect them from above. This can either be done automatically or if there are workers that are checking for quality, they will place the second carton on top and stack all of the eggs that are ready to ship. These will subsequently be wrapped to keep everything together, but it is the machine that is doing most of the work. The packing system and drying system always matter the automation level of your production line. That’s how we tell the differences between semi-automatic egg tray making machine and fully-automatic one.

Where Can You Get One That Is Affordable?

You can get egg tray machines that are very affordable doing a couple of different things. First of all, you can search in the Orient for businesses that have been producing these for many years. Look at the feedback they have received if you can find it, or simply base your decision upon the cost of these products. If you want a cheap paper egg tray machine, you can choose Beston Group in China. These will be shipped to your facility, and after several days, everything will be set up and operational. You will notice a dramatic shift in the speed at which you are able to fill all of the orders for your eggs. It is this factor of automation that makes the difference between small companies and those that are large and continually expanding. It is a sizable investment, but it will pay for itself in a few short years, helping you to expand your business in the egg industry.

Starting A Rubber Recycling Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Starting A Rubber Recycling Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Rubber can cause a lot of problems in landfills. Thankfully, old rubber doesn’t have to go to waste. You can recycle rubber and convert it into useful materials, such as oil. If you have a recycling waste rubber pyrolysis plant, you’ll easily be able to make oil out of old rubber.

With all that stated, getting a plant started won’t be easy. Here are a few of the things you’ll need before you can begin.

Continuous waste rubber recycling pyrolysis plant for sale
Continuous waste rubber recycling pyrolysis plant for sale

The Right Location

If you want to do some heavy-duty recycling, you’re going to have to find a location where all of this can take place. You’ll need a facility that can house all of your equipment and keep it running.

Having the right location can make it much easier to keep your plant operational. If you don’t have a particular location in mind, you should start looking for one now. Beston Machinery has a complete set of tyres to oil machine, including tyres to oil machine.

The Perfect Machinery

In addition to having a location for your plant, you’ll have to invest in the right kind of machinery for the plant. You should buy the kind of equipment that can do exactly what you need it to do.

How can you find equipment like this? You should start by looking at some of pyrolysis oil manufacturers in this industry. If you look at the equipment that these brands are producing, you’ll be able to find a lot of excellent products.

You should also try to learn more about some of the machinery that is being sold right now. Find out what kind of functionality it offers, and find out what kind of materials it is made from.

Beston rubber pyrolysis plant design
Beston rubber pyrolysis plant design

Have A Game Plan

Before you can get a recycling plant up and running, you’ll have to figure out how the plant is going to operate. Of course, you will want to convert rubber into oil, but you will need to do other things with your plant as well.

If you have some sort of a game plan in place, you should be able to have your plant operating smoothly early on. It’s never too soon to start working on a plan. Figure things out now, and you’ll have fewer bumps in the road.

Find Buyers For Your Oil

Oil can be extremely profitable, and oil that is made from recycled rubber is no different. You should be able to start selling your oil right away. With that said, you’ll want to find the right kind of buyers for your product. Besides, we also provide sludge pyrolysis equipment for you to deal with sludge.

Recycled oil is actually in high demand; you should be able to sell it at a premium price. If you have buyers lined up, you’ll be able to start selling your product as soon as you have enough to sell. the oil generated by tyres to oil machine also has good quality. Are you interested in? And this website will provide you with a lot of useful information.

Starting a waste rubber recycling machine certainly isn’t easy. However, a lot of things that are difficult to accomplish are also worthwhile. Make sure you get the things you need for your plant. Try to secure all of the things you’ll need if you want your plant to run the way it is supposed to.

Finding The Best Sludge Carbonization Treatment System

Finding The Best Sludge Carbonization Treatment System

Are you looking for a carbonization sludge treatment system? If you’re trying to find the right kind of treatment system, there are a number of things you should be looking for. You won’t just want to find the best system available; you will want to find a sludge treatment plant that is well-suited to your needs.

If you have never had to shop for something like this before, you may not know what sorts of things you should be considering. As long as you follow these basic guidelines, you should be able to find everything that you want to buy.

Sludge Carbonization Treatment System
Beston Sludge Carbonization Treatment System

Find A System That Is Designed For Machinery Like Yours

There are many different kinds of sludge treatment systems out there. You should look for something that is compatible with the equipment that you already have.

If you know other people that own similar kinds of equipment, you may want to ask them to provide you with advice. They might be able to suggest a continuous carbonization system that will do everything that you need it to do. Finding reliable carbonization machine manufacturers is also an important factor.

Compare Treatment Systems Directly

Think about what you would get from one treatment system. Once you have done that, you should think about what you would get from a different system. You should try to compare all of your choices against each other.

When you are regarding treatment systems, you can’t just think about what each system offers individually. You have to think about the differences between each systems. Doing this will make it easier for you to find the best of the best.

sludge carbonization machine for sale
sludge carbonization machine for sale

Finding Something That Is Budget Friendly

While you will want to find an excellent treatment system, you will also want to make sure that anything you invest in is compatible with your budget. If you spend too much on this, you may not have money left over for other things.

If you are looking for an affordable system that’s still effective, you should talk to other people that have used these systems and see what they recommend. You should try to go with trusted names whenever possible. If a company has an excellent reputation, it’s usually for a good reason. You can get a free quotation on this site

Find Something That Works Quickly

When you purchase a system, you will want to make sure that the system can do the things you need on your schedule. If a treatment system doesn’t work as quickly as you need it to, you might have to deal with some headaches.

Obviously, some things take time. With that said, you should be able to find a system that can get things done quickly. Try to find a system that will be able to take care of things in no time at all. Here you can find a lot of carbonization furnace manufacturers.

Finding the best sludge carbonization treatment system may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Don’t compromise and use a system that won’t do what you need it to do. Make sure that you are completely satisfied with whatever you wind up buying.

Getting Diesel Fuel from Plastic Waste and Some of Its Benefits

Getting Diesel Fuel from Plastic Waste and Some of Its Benefits

Pyrolysis machine for sale is used to change rubber, tires, plastics and other waste products into hydrocarbon gas, carbon, and oil. Through this machine, getting diesel fuel from plastic waste is very easy. It can help reduce the amount of waste products and eventually protect the environment. Because it’s light in weight and less costly, plastic has been one of the most used materials. However, since it’s slow to degrade, it has been a major problem to the environment. Apart from polluting the environment, plastics also affect humans and marine animals. Due to this, plastic waste recycling and pyrolysis are some of the major components when it comes to waste reduction.

plastic into fuel oil pyrolysis plant design
plastic into fuel oil pyrolysis plant design

Benefits of diesel production from plastic waste

This new form of technology is currently used to change plastics into crude oil, fuels, and other industrial feedstocks. Once plastics have been collected and sorted, the non-recycled ones are transported to pyrolysis plant where they are heated without oxygen and changed into a gas. These gases are then condensed into many useful products including fuel. Depending on the process and technology, the products can range from crude oil to synthetic fuel such as gasoline and kerosene. These products are, therefore, sold to industrial users and manufacturers while fuels can be used in buses, cars, planes and even ships.

This technology is increasingly becoming one of the best and can be done in such a way that it meets the needs of various geographies and economy. It is the best way to recover materials that could have been illegally dumped or buried in open pits due to improper waste management procedure.

Fuels derived from plastics waste can also lead to a cleaner environment due to the low burning sulfur contained in plastics. Since many developing countries are uses sulfur-containing a high amount of fuels, plastic derived sulfur can work as the best alternative. When this fuel is defined properly, it can be one of the best fuels to be used. Using this fuel for machinery, boats, vehicles, and generators can help reduce the many effects of sulfur to the environment while also reducing the amount of non-recycled plastics from the environment. This fuel can also be very helpful in nations where fuel prices are high and there are limited options to be used. These communities now have the option of creating their own fuels locally while enjoying the economic and environmental benefits.

plastic to diesel process
Waste Plastic to Diesel Oil Plant

The uses of the final product

· Fuel oil– This can be changed into gasoline oil or diesel and used in machines, cars, generators among others.

· Combustible gas- This can be backed to the furnace for eating A reactor.

· Carbon black- This can be changed again into coal, color batch, and refractory briquette.

Wrap up

Plastics, even used ones are very important materials that can be used to create fuels, energy, and other new products. However, this cannot happen if they are dumped or buried in waterways. Plastic  waste pyrolysis technologies that can play a role in changing non recycled waste plastic into fuel.

Learn about Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Learn about Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Plastic waste recycling machine gives a great way of converting waste plastics into pyrolysis oil, hydrocarbon gas, and carbon black. There are different models of plastic to oil conversion machine for sale available. BLJ-06 and BLJ-10 models are classified as batch operating systems. BLL-16 is classified as a semi-continuous system while BLL-30, BLL-40, and BLL-50 are fully-continuous systems. Continuous waste plastic systems are designed to offer high efficiency and to save cost. It can handle as high 50 tons of waste plastics per day.

Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil
Machine to Convert Plastic into Oil

Differences between the different pyrolysis plants:

There are different methods of recycling waste plastics using to achieve different profits. The plastic pyrolysis plants use the latest pyrolysis technology and are made to convert waste plastics into carbon black, combustible gas and fuel oil. All the machine to convert plastic into oil for sale satisfy the needs of consumers and are available in different models of different prices. Here are the differences between the different models of plastic pyrolysis plants:

i. Batch pyrolysis plant: It is the most affordable pyrolysis in the market. However, it has a lower working speed and requires more labor to operate.

ii. Semi-continuous pyrolysis plant: it operates faster as compared to the batch pyrolysis plant and cost less that the continuous one.

iii. Continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant: if you need a large-scale pyrolysis plant for a waste plastic and you have enough money, this is the right pyrolysis plant for you. Due to its high automation degree, the labor cost is low, and continuous pyrolysis plants work faster as compared to the rest.

plastic to oil conversion machine for sale
Plastic to oil conversion machine for sale

There are also plastic granules machines that aim at converting plastic granules that can be used to make other plastic products. The plant can help to dispose of various kinds of plastics such as PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS, PC, PVC, EVA, POM, PET, LCP, PMMA and others. Get a machine to convert plastic into oil to start recycling the plastic waste. The pyrolysis plants can be exported to any country. You just need to make an order and the pyrolysis plant will be delivered to you.

Benefits of Plastic Recycling Machines for Sale:

The plastic recycling systems offer a great way of environmental pollution and solving the energy crisis. It is a new way of converting waste into useful resources. Plastics play a very critical role in life and make our life more convenient. However, plastic waste is hard to decompose and can cause serious pollution problem in the environment. Moreover, they pose a high threat to human life, which makes it very critical to recycle waste plastic to oil plant for sale, are now available in the market to help recycle plastics.


There are various machine to convert plastic waste into oil in the market. If you are looking to for a great pyrolysis plant that can handle a large amount of plastic waste, we recommend continuous plant. Continuous pyrolysis plants are more automated and more economical as compared to others. Check for the best pyrolysis plants online and choose the best recycling plant that you can afford and effective in terms of cost.

Paper Cover Making Machine Deals On The Web

Paper Cover Making Machine Deals On The Web

Anyone that has ever gotten into the business of using pulp to make different products will have probably heard of a paper cover making machine. These are unique devices that are able to take pulp from trees and other fiber substances, molding it into things like egg cartons, napkins, and paper covers. This is a business that requires quite a bit of space due to the size of these devices. They are designed to produce millions of sheets of paper every single day. The following tips will direct you to the best company for purchasing one of these paper cover making machines that is being sold today.


How Do These Machines Work?

The machines that are able to produce tissue paper, toilet paper, or notebook paper are all basically the same. They are designed to take pulp, and once it is dried, roll and cut it into the proper configurations. Without these machines, all of the paper products that you see in stores, especially those that are rolled, would not be able to exist. There is a huge industry that processes all of the paper products that we have an paper cover making machine and paper recycling plant machinery are definitely part of that. These are exceptionally large, requiring an end paper dryness of about 95%. They are capable of working up to 22 hours a day. They can be as tall as 20 feet high, mostly because of the drums that are used to roll the paper, found in enormous factories across the world. Once everything has been processed, the paper is then further cut into the proper dimensions for sale.  The paper manufacturing machine cost relies on its performance, productivity and quality.

Where Do You Find These For Sale Online?

Some companies in China produced some of the most incredible products in relation to the making of paper. There are not only the paper cover making machines, but those that create corrugated paper, paper napkins, notebooks, exercise paper, toilet paper and craft paper just to name a few. Without these companies, specifically the ones that produce the vast majority of these papermaking machines, the industry itself would collapse. There are experts in this field, ones that people turn to when they are either starting out in this industry, or when they do need to replace these products for newer models. We are the best one of tissue paper machine manufacturers.

After you find a company that can produce high quality paper products, at a high level of productivity, you need to consider the prices that they are selling them for. You have to also consider the width of the paper which can be anywhere from 1000 mm to 2000 mm in width. Once you have the right machine, for the specific type of paper product that you are going to make, you can then focus on choosing one based upon price. This is going to help your business grow substantially using these state-of-the-art papermaking machines that are specifically able to produce paper covers. Always remember to compare the price with the capabilities of the different machines that are being sold up against the reputation of the business you are working with. This will ensure that you will be confident in your purchase of one of these necessary products that produces the paper covers that we all use. We have many types of tissue machine for sale. Hope you will like one of them.

A Closer Look at the Wide Applications of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

A Closer Look at the Wide Applications of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

Paper egg tray is considered the most effective and safe way of packaging eggs. They are made from recycled materials with the help of automatic egg tray machine. With wide applications of eggs trays, automatic paper tray making machine has gained a lot of popularity in many parts of the world.


Automatic eggs tray machine utilizes advanced technologies to come up with a fully automatic production process. The paper tray making machine features unique features such as automatic egg dryer that help dry semi-finished wet eggs tray automatically. The machine is every fast and can produce as many egg trays as 5000 pcs, 6000 pcs, 7000 pcs, 7500 pcs in just one hour. The Egg-tray Making Machine is designed to produce eggs trays that can protect eggs from different elements that include moisture loss, micro-organisms, deterioration from high temperature, and mechanical shocks during transportation and storage.

Different parts of the Automatic Egg-Tray making machine and their applications:

The Pulper System:

This is the input system where recycled paper such as newsprints and corrugated carton are input. This system beat and smashes the waste papers into pulp consistency. The resulting pulp from the pulper is then passing them into the adjusting tank where they are adjusted into ready pulp consistency.

Forming part:

This is the part of the system where the trays are formed. It features forming tools, transfer tools and wire mesh. Wet products are used with the help of vacuum system to form the trays. Then the wet, formed trays are transferred using transfer tools with the help of compressed air effects.

Various molds can be used here depending on the exact kind of packaging tools you need. You can use a mold that produces egg trays, egg box, bottle trays, shoe support, and fruit trays, etc.  We also have apple tray making machine. Automatic egg tray machines are more convenient as compared with the manual ones. After the mold forming process, the wet trays are transferred directly into the drying line using automatic conveyor belt.


Dryers help to dry the wet formed egg-trays. Different models of Automatic Egg Tray Machines feature either single-layer or multi-layer dryers. The dryers are made of bricks and metal drying lines. Wet formed trays are made to pass through the dryer tunnel where they are dried. Dryers feature automatic system that helps to count and stack the trays at the end of the dryer.

Advantages of Automatic Egg Tray Machine

It is easy to operate and has high productivity

It features Automatic Egg-tray Drying lines that make drying work easier through automation

The machine is environmentally friendly as it makes waste papers into useful products


Automatic Egg Tray Machine use either diesel or natural gas fuel. They are popular known as the rotary egg tray making machine because it is a rotary running machine. They are a powerful machine when it comes to egg-trays making and can be customized to meet your needs. It is a great commercial machine that can earn you a lot of money.

Some Facts About The Waste Oil Distillation Plant

Some Facts About The Waste Oil Distillation Plant

The increasing use of plastic and rubber products all over the world cause large quantity of their waste, before and after use. The amount of waste plastic and rubber will go on increase if it is not recycled or modified to make some useful products. After researching for many years the scientists have invented waste oil distillation plants or pyrolysis plants to recycle waste rubber and plastic products like tires as well as waste crude oils etc. To provide high quality fuel oil as well as other by-products that can be used as raw materials in various other industries. Some facts about the waste oil distillation plant are provided in this write-up for you to know more in this respect.

Highly profitable and low cost green technique is one of the facts about the waste oil distillation plant used these days for getting rid of the increasing heap of the waste rubber, plastic and waste crude oil at the industries and other commercial areas. It distills the waste rubber and plastic products and oils like recycled engine oils, oil sludge and spilled oil at oil fields and refineries etc. to produce highly useful fuel oils like gasoline and diesel along with other by-products.

converting tires to oil plant
converting tires to oil plant

Another fact about the waste oil distillation plants used these days for tires recycling plant and plastic recycling and oils is that they consume nearly 30% less fuel than their earlier models to give almost 5% more output and keep the environment 100% safe from the hazards created by those waste materials.

The oil distillation or pyrolysis plants used for recycling plastic and rubber wastes can also be used for refining waste oils collected from spills at the oil fields, crude oil, slag oil, recycled machine and motor oils etc. For this reason these plants are also known as waste oil to fuel oil machines or engine oil recycle equipment etc.

waste oil distillation plant
waste oil distillation plant

Advantages of waste oil distillation plant

High yield of oils produced is also among some facts about the waste oil distillation plant as 90% of the waste materials recycled can be converted into useful products including fuel oil and other by-products.

These plants usually work efficiently without chocking and deterioration.

They can be operated all through the day without any problem with the help of their slag discharging and auto feeding equipment.

These plants use devices and techniques that can protect environment without polluting water, air and soil.

The fuel products produced by these plants can be used as replacement for natural gas and petroleum products.

Technical features of oil distillation plant

Most of the waste oil distillation plants are equipped with the environment protection equipment like dust collecting room and waste gas burner.

Simple chemicals are used to eliminate odd smell and colour from the final products.

They can help in resolving the issues of decreasing resources of fuel oils by recycling waste plastic, rubber and crude oils.

The hot air technology used for heating these plants can help in increasing the efficiency of the plant along with guaranteeing its safety.

Thus by considering some facts about the waste oil distillation plant you can know more about its benefits. Or you can click here: to get more details.

What You Should Know about the Tyre Pyrolysis Process

What You Should Know about the Tyre Pyrolysis Process

Millions of tons of plastic and tyre waste are produced in the world every year. Most of these wastes are either burnt or used for filling land. Burning emits harmful gases and creates threats to the environment. Pyrolysis technology emerged as a solution for decomposing plastic and tyre waste. Pyrolysis involves carbonaceous material’s thermal decomposition in an oxygen free environment. In this process, the pressure of the system is not restricted by the pressure of water vapour. In other words, pyrolysis is the process of heating biomass without oxygen. This method is considered to be useful in reducing plastic and tyre wastes. It also allows recycling some useful energy stored in the biomass:

Application of pyrolysis helps to recover energy in plastic waste and tyre waste through chemical manipulation. Pyrolysis plastic recycling through pyrolysis process consists of several steps. All plastic waste needs to be sorted before putting it through the process. Mechanical recycling includes shredding of polymers and cryogenic grinding of plastics. Through pyrolysis process, the long chain molecules of polymer are cracked into smaller chains with the help of pressure and heat. Actually it is similar to nature’s process where the earth breaks down carbon and produces oil. This natural process takes millions of years. The process of plastic pyrolysis produces mainly three products: bio-oil, bio-char and syngas.

plastic recycling plant
plastic recycling plant

Bio-oil or pyrolysis oil can be considered as a substitute for industrial diesel. The plastic pyrolysis oil or tyre pyrolysis oil is also used in boilers, furnace, electric generators, diesel pumps, hot air/water generators, heaters, thermic fluids, and other equipment. Syngas is reused in pyrolysis plants and the bio-char or carbon black is put to use in plastic/rubber industries and also in inks, paints etc. High calorific value biomass can only be pyrolised in order to generate bio-oil.

waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant
waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Tyre recycling process through the pyrolysis involves heating of whole or shredded tyres without oxygen in a closed vessel reactor. Rubber polymers will break down and form smaller molecules. Vaporized smaller molecules are burnt further to produce bio-oil or pyrolysis oil. Solid, liquid and gaseous properties are derived from tyre pyrolysis process in accordance with the process conditions and feedstock used. A major issue related to tyre pyrolysis is the generation of solid stream, which constitutes about 40% of the total output. Steel from solid stream is removed with the help of magnets but the remaining bio-char has no value other than being a carbon fuel of lower grade.

Importance of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis

The major advantage of the pyrolysis process is that it decomposes waste and produces valuable products. The pyrolysis process uses waste plastics and scarp tyre as biomass or feedstock. The pyrolysis process and output from this process are environment friendly. Pyrolysis can produce synthetic diesel fuel and thereby the dependency on fossil fuels can be reduced. Bio-oil can be used in pharmaceuticals. Further research can yield technology that can convert bio-oil and in the future it may become a substitute fuel for car engines. Bio-char or black carbon is considered as a useful fertilizer. Therefore all products from pyrolysis process are different forms of renewable energy.

Apart from this, the pyrolysis process and technology are economically viable as there will not be any scarcity for the availability of waste plastics and scrap tyres. This technology is modular and more flexible than incineration. The pyrolysis process will not produce any harmful gases or chemicals and the products offer a better solution for the recovery of natural resources. Improving the operations of pyrolysis can reduce a considerable amount of plastic and tyre wastes.

Challenges of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis

Proper measures or steps should be taken in order to close all technical knowledge gaps existing in the pyrolysis industry. Availability of high-end infrastructure facility can be considered as another major challenge. The products from this process need to be stored on a long term basis. Governments should provide support for the development of pyrolysis technology. Apart from gaps related to technology, knowledge industries should address all major challenges related to operational performance. Upgrades and stability are necessary for the proper functioning of pyrolysis machines.